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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Editorial Duties

I went to see the current Editor of the village newsletter this morning, and did my first three pages for the February edition - the horoscopes, the crossword and my very first news page as well, about last weeks storms! I must admit that I had been wondering whether I was really up to job, as I thought foolishly that I had NO editorial experience whatsoever, compared to my predecessor, who has worked in journalism all his life, but then I thought "hang on a minute, I edited my own book, so that must mean that I know at least a thing or two". I am now then getting really excited about this job, and really looking forward to the challenge of it all. I will have to get to know a lot of people - local Councillors, the National Trust wardens etc (our village stands on the edge of National Trust land, and the Trust plays an important role in village life), but it will be great fun and a brilliant way of getting to know everyone and what is going on up here - and as I am discovering, there is a lot going on - the storms, the ongoing battle to get the council to fix our road being the most important ongoing stories.

I will have to drive down the winding road that leads to our village for the first time in the pitch black tonight, as I have to go to Horsham to meet Caroline who runs the Heart and Mind Group that I shall be doing a talk at in two weeks time. That should be fun! Hope no one comes towards me on the other side when I get to the legendary hairpins.