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Monday, 1 October 2007

Dream on

At the moment it seems that all Coran and I want to do is eat and sleep - we do not seem to have the energy for much more than this at all. This is I feel just another symptom of the major physical for Coran, but much more emotional for me, clearing that we are both experiencing.

Last night the dreams were particularly vivid - I was dreaming about the holocaust. I do not of course have to go into details as to what this was, as I don't think (and sincerely hope) that there is not a man, woman or child alive who does not know at least a little about this. They were though lining the men and women up into seperate groups - those who would live and those who would die. I remember one man very clearly - two in man, one of them was a Ukrainian musician, and the other a Gypsy. Both were led to beleieve that they were okay, as they were young, fit and capable of work, but at the last moment they both changed to the other group who were to die, and led away, a look of abject terror in their eyes.

It brought to mind my very first trip to Israel, in April 1993. One of the many places that we went to was the Musuem of the Holocaust on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem. We were led into this darkened room with no lights, and just an illuminated handrail with which to guide us round the room. On the ceiling were one million stars - one for each child that died. I left that room with tears streaming down my face.

I have often wondered if in a past, or perhaps even parallel life, I was somehow involved. When I was new to the spiritual path, I became interested in past lives, as one often does and attended a workshop with Dick Sutphen a past life guru, who works together with his wife, Tara. Nothing spectacular happened, but one thing has stayed with me. Right at th beginning he played some sounds from a tape recorder - one of these was of a train sounding its whistle as it raced through a tunnel. This instilled in me the most abject terror that I think I am have ever experienced, where every hair on my body stood on end. I was rooted to my chair, as I had images of a train pulling into what I immediately recognised as a concentration camp. Later on, when the film Schindlers List was released, I recognised it as Auschwitz. I ahd the feeling that I may have been a small boy, who became seperated from his parents - but who knows.

Whatever it was about, this dream has left me with lasting impressions.