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Sunday, 1 June 2014

A journey to completion

News is starting to get out at both work and within the village in which we live of our impending nuptials, which has prompted some interesting discussions regarding the nature of both gender and love, and has no doubt led to certain individuals seeing me in slightly different light. I have been surprised actually at how honest and open I have been and as always with the reaction from those whom I have told, which has been nothing but supportive.

Earlier this week though it seemed as though we had hit a glitch. We were supposed to go to the Registry Office on Wednesday with all the pre wedding paperwork, including Coran's decree absolute from his first wife, with whom s(h)e split almost 20 years ago - long before we met. The only problem was that it had not been signed or dated, meaning that they were unable to accept it. My first thought was did this mean that they were still legally married, we both having kittens wondering what to do. Coran accordingly had to telephone first wife to let her know, which was a surprise for both of them.

The Solicitor who dealt with the divorce was unable to help, since their archives only went back 15 years, so it was back to the courts. After three days of trying in vain to get through, finally she did and they arranged for us to receive five certified and signed copies. Thankfully then it turned out that they were indeed divorced and all ended well.

It left me though wondering what this was all about, until last night when the ex wife rang again, wanting to see if things had been resolved. As Coran and she began to talk, they found themselves apologising to each other for the way that things had gone wrong between them, and after all this time clearing the air. The universe in its wisdom understood that before both of us took this step and began this new phase in our lives together, this was necessary for there to be no baggage from this past relationship. This was the only way to get them together and to get them talking, as otherwise Coran would have had no reason to contact her. The last time they met was 7 years ago at her father's funeral and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. Neither of them are the same people that they were, and they were both finally ready to put the past to bed. It did not escape my notice either that this took place on the last day of May - today being the first day of June which is of course my own name.

Coran and I discussed things afterwards and we have both decided that it would be really nice to actually go one step further and invite her to the wedding together with her own partner of 20 years, if she is free and wishes to come. We both feel that this would be a lovely gesture of completion.    

In the meantime, a new appointment has made for the Registry Office this Wednesday coming - and this time we have been assured that the paperwork is well and truly in order.