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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Gospel According to June ....

What a weekend it has been. I left have the Internet forum I set up with three friends around a year ago, after a myriad of problems, and this time it's for good. I have not shed any tears, and will not be doing so, but it has been traumatic nevertheless, although it could have been a lot worse. There were no recriminations, but it was starting to go that way, and if I had not stepped in and said to the one remaining administrator that I am still in touch with, and (I hope) still on reasonably friendly terms, that we should drop the subject as it was going round and round in circles, then it could quite easily have got a lot worse.

I suspect it was an "inside job" by one of the other administrators to get rid of my partner and myself, since for some reason this lady felt threatened by what I had to say and write. Comments were being made to the effect that I was putting too much personal stuff on the open forum. I also think that she felt the fact that my book was very esoteric might put some people off joining. I will say no more, since people who remain on the site can and sometimes do look at this blog and there is no point in antagonising further. On the other hand, this is my site and I should within certain limits, be able to write what I want on. I am not responsbible for how others choose to take my words, that is up to them. They have already proven by their actions that they will do what they want to do regardless of anything I do or say, which is exactly the reason I had to leave.

Right then, on to the more serious stuff. I have a job interview this morning for a company who sell dental supplies. The agency that arranged it were supposed to post me a copy of the job description, but it has not arrived, so I will have to ring them instead. The job sounds quite interesting, but I will have to see what I think, and more importantly feel, when I get there.

The deadline for the village newsletter is once again looming. I am meeting the current Editor tomorrow morning to get cracking on that, since this issue is supposed to be done predominantly by me. I need to contact Richard re changing my book cover. I plan to make some changes to the text as well, including the deletion of all references to Internet forums that I have ever been a member of. If anyone who reads this ever thinks about becoming a mod or administrator on one of these sites then my advice is don't do it, it is more hassle that it's worth, and you will get nothing but grief. Get on with real life, talking to real people, and not some cyber based virtual reality world.

Here endeth the Gospel according to June ...