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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Community spirit

Since we moved to our new house just before Christmas, I have been amazed at just how much there is going on around the area - loads of groups and fairs etc all over the place - all potential venues for selling and promoting books. You would have expected the opposite, since it is not a large town, about a third the size of our old one, if not smaller. There is though a real community spirit here, plus the fact that so many of the residents are either retired or semi retired and therefore have much more time on their hands to enjoy leisure pursuits, and also the fact that all the little villages around here have their own halls with various groups etc.

The village newsletter have agreed to let me have a free advert for the next advertising year, which starts in June, around the time that I take over the Editors reins. This seems only fair considering that I shall be volunteering my services for free. This should though help me to make me much more well known on the hill and within the local community. The wife of our Chairman, and current Editor, runs a women's group who meet at the village hall once a month, and she is going to book me in at some point to do a talk there as well.