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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Moving tomorrow

It has been one hell of a week one way or another. I am having a few legal problems at the moment - nothing to do with me or anything I have written, but more to do with what someone else has written about me. I won't go into details as it serves no real purpose, suffice to say that matters are in hand to get what they have written removed.

We are also moving house tomorrow - at long last. It has been a fairly smooth process by any reckoning - our house was sold within 8 days of coming on to the market, and there was no chain at either end, but it has still been stressful - especially the last of packing everything away. Tonight 99 percent of it has been done - all that remains is the bowls for tomorrows breakfast, plus of course the cereal, wash things and towels that we will also need to use tomorrow morning, a few cleaning products, the kettle and the bed linen. All being well we should be out of here by 12.30 to 1pm and unloaded at the other end before 3pm.

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