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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Idiot drivers - grrr!

I have had the absolute morning from hell, all because some idiot drove too fast and crashed his car into a roundabout, and although I am okay now, I was not a happy bunny.

I asked for today off from work since some time ago, as the college where I do occasional work for as an exam invigilator asked me to inviligate, presumably for some retakes or something. I had to be there at 8am to help get the room ready for the exam to start at 9am. I left then at 7am this morning to get through the traffic.

Everything was fine until I got halfway down the A3. The traffic was absolutely horrendous and back to back. It took me half an hour to move about 2 miles to the next junction! It then came on the radio that the A3 was shut northbound past that point due to an accident. Luckily I know this area well since we used to live not that far away. I came off the A3 then at the next side turning and tried to get through the back doubles to the next junction. That by itself took around 15 minutes since everyone else had the same idea.

When I did get back to the slip road than leads past the A3 imagine my surprise to find that the road was clear and the traffic flowing freely. Why had the radio said the road was shut?

I finally got to the college by 8.30 only to find there was nowhere to park - the road I usually go in was full to the brim and everywhere else was yellow lines or permits only. After driving around for 20 minutes and ending up somewhere near the Common I turned round and went to Tescos. I had been planning to go there after work anyway.

Walking round I found that the rice milk we buy was on offer - 2 for £2. The shelf though was empty so I asked someone. I don't know was the reply, this isn't my section, go to customer services. They had a queue 10 minute long and when I finally got to the front they said it wasn't even on their system!

Back to milk aisle then I went and found someone who did work in that section. Yes, they were out of stock, and if I wanted them to give me a voucher for money off next week, by which time the offer is finished, you guessed - go to customer services!

I then got to the checkout and found that I had spent 50 pence short of the £50 to get 5p a litre off petrol. Normally I would grab some sweets or something, but they had moved them to the other side of the store, and there was a queue behind me ... I went upstairs then to Starbucks and asked them for the strongest cup of caffeinated tea they had!

What a morning then. I have lost over £30 in wages because of this and am not happy. All because some stupid ***** got drunk and crashed his car into the roundabout!

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