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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Turning up the heat

Well, I certainly picked the right time to go away last week, as during that time off, and for the first part of this week, Britain experienced a heatwave, with temperatures of up to 29 degrees. They have dropped back since to 21 or 22, which is still warm for the time of year, but much more pleasant to work in. It was lovely though while I was away, to spend time on the beach lazing around in the sun and the surf and the spray. On the final day of my holiday, I walked for 2 miles down the beach from Westward Ho! where I was staying, to Northam Burrows, all in the way in the sea, and back again just as the sun was going down. The waves were tremendous. It was exhilerating to say the least, and a grand way to finish off the week. I returned to work on Saturday with my levels of Prana well and truly topped up.

While I was away, I had an important decision to make as to whether I wish to undertake an NVQ in housekeeping. The reason why I say it was and is important is be because to a large extent, my future in the job really does depend on it. When I say this, I mean that if I choose to do it, it would mean that I will definately for the foreseeable future at least, stay there, as my employer will be jointly sponsoring it along with funding from central Government.

The decision was made all the harder as we have a new Manager, who joined us the week before I left for my holiday. My first thoughts about her were that she came across as very austere and business like - she is a large lady, who despite her position as Manager of a nursing home, chooses to wear her own clothes rather than a nursing uniform.

Now I have got to know her a little better, I find that the more time I spend around her, the more I like her. Far from being austere and unapproachable, she is very grounded, and has the Directors very much sussed out. The day I heard her commenting to her Deputy that she could not stand the Director, was the day I knew that we were going to get on like a house on fire! I commented to my own boss, the Head Housekeeper, that it is good to know that the three of us have at least one thing in common!

I have then decided that I will do the NVQ, and the Assessor is coming to see me at work on Monday at 9am to get the ball rolling, fill in all the forms and assess the form (and pace) of learning that will best suit my needs. I expect that I will have to agree to stay at the home for a certain period of time after the NVQ is complete, since my employer will be partly funding it, but as long as it is not ridiculously long (more than a year), that is fine. It will be good for me to know that I do have to stay there, as it will encourage me to get the best from the job, instead of stressing over the small and mostly insignificant details. It will also serve as a signal to them that I am committed to them, and hopefuilly encourage them to give me the pay rise that after 2 1/2 years is long overdue.

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