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Thursday, 12 July 2012

The nature of unpredictability

While it is true that Britain has a reputation for unpredictable weather, this year it has been more unpredictable than most. What little summer we have so far had, seems to have been confined in the southeast at least where I live, to a week or so in May and the occasional day (thankfully mostly on my days off) of luke warm sun. We have had rain, hail, and high force winds galore, frequently all at the same time. Even Scilly where I went for my summer holiday in June has been immune, the islands normally having the highest sunshine record in Britain. It is true that the weather there was better than at home, but we had some less than perfect days too, and the weather did for me at least seem unseasonably cool with convertible trousers rather than traditional shorts, the order of the day. On one occasion I was walking along the north coast towards the Bronze Age settlement of Halangy Down when the heaven's opened. Making a dash for the nearest entrance grave (which I realised would have a roof), I was surprised to find a couple already sheltering there, having had the same idea as me - we were rapidly joined by a second couple and proceeded to play a game called "How many live bodies can you fit in a Bronze Age grave". Being slightly vertically challenged at just over 5 feet tall I was the only one who was able to stand up without having to stoop, but that is another story ...

Anyway, I was thinking this morning about the nature of all this strange and unpredictable weather and what it all might mean. Those who are on the spiritual path or have some knowledge of Shamanism will know about the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and what they represent - namely that earth, is well connected to the earth, air (wind) is about communication, fire is about passion and anger and all those things that drive us, and water is about emotion. It seems then to me that with all this water, there is quite literally an excess of emotion that people just do not know how to deal with. It spills over like a river bursting its banks (and we have seen a few of them these past few weeks), often at the most inopportune moment.

At the moment as well, with all the changes going on both on a personal and a global level, people have a lot to feel emotional about - for many, especially those who are higher up the ladder in positions of authority and power, the rug is quite literally being swept from beneath their feet, for with the recent scandals and abuses that have come to light, first with the media and now with banking, ordinary people such as myself (they would be the ones who keep those at the top in their positions in the first place and consume the services that their corporations insist that we need), are demanding change, and that change is beginning to happen. The world is shifting and changing and the balance of power is beginning to shift and change with it, and those at the top are quite literally running scared, for they can sense that the end is nigh, and people are no longer prepared to accept the status quo. But are they?

While there is undoubtedly a great feeling of change in the air, for many there is also a feeling of helplessness and complacency, the thought that they alone are not powerful enough to affect the changes that we can now see that society plainly needs. They are of course wrong, but this too is where the overpowering emotions come from - society is shifting and changing so far and so fast that the majority who do not have the spiritual understanding that most of my readers have, do not understand either what is happening to how to deal with it. Thus it is that like the weather, one day they are up, the next they are down, like the wind, constantly shifting speed and direction.

Only when people are sufficiently angry will things really change and anger being fire energy in this context, can be seen as synonymous with the sun, and the lack of its energy. Maybe as more of these scandals come to light, and the enquiry into the rate fixing scandal begins to take form and more facts are revealed, people will start to feel that anger a little more. I suspect that only then will we start to feel the warmth of the sun.

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