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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Sleep, walk, read and eat - in that order

I had an interesting chat with my Assistant Manager tonight, who seems to have read my mind regarding what has been happening at work. The new guy, whom I have nicknamed the waffler, is very much the salesman and one of the old school in everything but name, if you know what I mean, indicated that he has spoken to one of the top dogs within the company and moves may be afoot to bring back the old system whereby staff earn commission on their own personal sales. This was scrapped around 18 months ago, and the idea of team bonusses introduced instead.

This has resulted across the company in much stronger teams, particularly in smaller stores like mine. It has also though equalised things, as it means that those who like me, spend a lot of time tidying the store and doing essential jobs like ticketing and cleaning, and less time on sales, are equally rewarded for their efforts. After all, if these jobs were not done, then people like the waffler would be less able to sell in the first place, as it is the people like me who make the store look good and put the stock on the shelves to be sold in the first place.

The day they bring this back then is the day that I start looking for another job, as I do not think it right that people like the waffler should get all the glory and all the money when I work just as hard but in a different way. Still, I don't really think that this is likely to happen anyway, and my Assistant Manager did acknowledge this on the way back to the car park tonight. He also said that I must not be intimidated by the waffler, that I am still doing very, very well, and that we both have different ways of working that are equally valid and I should realise that and not make unnecessary comparions and feel pushed out and no longer part of the team.

When I hear things like this it really makes me appreciate what I have here, and realise that I have chosen the right company to be working for - after some of the previous employers I have worked for, who said almost the opposite and basically made me feel like a useless piece of s***, it was music to my ears.

Still, I will be glad to finish work tomorrow knowing that I have a week and a half off. I have been completely and utterly physically and emotionally exhausted of late, and I don't think it will really hit me just how tired I have been until I get to the island at Friday lunch time. I plan to sleep, walk, read and eat in that order and do very little else.

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