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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Key holden to whom?

I was so tired I went to bed at 9pm last night and slept right through to about 6am. With the situation at work, which rapidly seems to be going from bad to worse, this is not surprising.

Our Assistant Manager leaves on Friday, and with no replacement key holder, all that leaves is me, my own Manager, and a weekend assistant who has been working odd days as and when he can (and not very often at that). We had been hoping to get someone from another store, but they have all turned it down. I was quite flattered in a way on Monday then, when I was asked if I wanted the job. I was also rather surprised, since I have only been here 9 months and there is still so much I don't know. My gut feeling was and is to say no, but the trouble is if I do, then this will leave my own boss right in the proverbial, as with no second key holder, he will be forced to work 6 days a week until we find one. As one of my friends though said, I have to do this for me and not for someone else - and should therefore look at it from this perspective.

When I stop to think about it, there is absolutely nothing in it for me, except a lot more grief. Emotionally and in terms of knowledge I am sure I would cope, but there is also the practical side. Being only 5 feet tall, and not the strongest of women, there are a lot of things that I cannot lift and carry. I can't even reach the lock to open the front door, as it is just too high. How then can I be expected to open and close the shop?

My boss has said that he intends to try and an ex colleague back in, whom I replaced, but he recently had a hip replacement, and so there is a lot that he can't do either. He can't use the stairs for one thing, to get stock, or even go to the loo, but has to use the one at the Pub over the road. When my boss's wife was expecting a baby in 2007, this colleague acted as key holder then, so that he could dash off at a moments notice, so he at least has some experience, and could maybe help me, but that is not the point, it is just a totally impractical solution - to have 2 people running the store, neither of whom can lift heavy items (we would end up turning people away who wanted to buy them from stock) and one of whom cannot use the stairs. It is clear to me that they have to find someone else who would in my opinion be a lot better suited.

I have to have a long talk with him today and lay all my cards on the table, and NOT be guilt tripped into changing my mind. He has to get on the phone to his own boss and start telling it like it is, stop pussy footing around, get off his big fat armchair (my Manager's boss, our Area Manager that is) and do something!

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