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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Nice of them to ask!

Just as I thought that things were beginning to settle at the new store, we got the news this week that we were to have visit from our Area Manager (who never once bothered to visit my old store following his promotion around 6 months ago). We spent the next two days running round like blue arsed flies getting ready for his visit. He cannot possibly see it like it, as that way he would have to give us more help and support, and that would never do. Yesterday night we did not leave until 7pm. I wouldn't have minded if I had been warned in advance and asked if I could stay, but I wasn't, it was just assumed, and because of this, I was forced to cancel my appointment with the Icelandic travel company to visit their open evening. This would have been a great opportunity to meet them all and discuss my plans for next summer, but I guess I will have to go and see them during office hours instead.

On top of all this, this morning just as I was going to work, I leaned out the windows to clean the wing mirrors, wacked into the rear view mirror and snapped it off. When my partner tried to fit it back into place, he pressed so hard that it cracked the windscreen. We could not get the mirror back into place, and so I could not drive to get to work. He then had to take me in, which was not good, since he had an appointment in London to get to. By the time I got out tonight it was 6pm again, and so for the second night in a row we have had to cancel our plans, because both of us were just too tired to do anything.
I am sick and tired of this happening - all I want is a stress free job near home where I can earn what I am worth. It is clear to me that I will not get this in retail, and so on Friday, my next day off, while I wait for them to come and fix my windscreen, I will spend the morning searching for something eminently more suitable, and all likelihood, a lot better paid.

After all that running around, and wondering what I would say to the aforementioned Area Manager, when he did turn up, with four other Managers, including my own, not one of them spoke to me at all. I had been debating what I would say to him, had I got the chance, and how truthful I should be. Should I do as one of my colleagues suggested and say "Who the f*** are you?" or be ultra sarcastic and say "Nice to meet you at last" emphasising the "at last." In the end I didn't get the chance to say anything at all, but that is the story of my life. I don't suppose he is sitting at home wondering about me, and my crap summer and how his lack of support affected us all, so why should I? Compared to MFI and Woolworths employees, I am lucky to have a job at all.

When I get customers like the couple who came in late tonight and will be back tomorrow (I hope) to spend over £1000, you wonder whether the credit crunch exists.

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