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Monday, 12 April 2010

How have things got to this stage?

When Karen Bishop wrote on the latest Wings post a few days ago, that the recent spate of earthquakes and volcanic activity (first Haiti, then Chile, the eruption in Iceland, and of course yesterday's quake in the Solomon Isles) had stirred up the dark energies giving them the opportunity to rear their ugly heads, she clearly was not joking. During the last week, since The Police made their faux par and gave my sister my telephone number (a number which incidentally is ex directory), I have come to the reluctant conclusion that she represents those dark energies for me, as things have rapidly gone from bad to worse. It leaves me wondering how things have come to this state, that our relationship has degenerated so far that she appears to have such little respect for me and my family life.

Since her first call, which was one week ago today at approximately 11.45pm, there have been 12 more calls from her, at various times throughout the day. On Saturday I got so fed up with it that following Coran's suggestion, I phoned BT to see whether we could get her number barred. We can, but it will cost us around £10 per quarter. Coran then suggested that I phone The Police to see what other remedies they may be able to offer. I did not seriously consider asking them to pay, as the money that they get should go to Policing and not things like this, even if it is their fault. I spoke to a very nice and helpful Police officer who was able to track the call and found that it was clearly their fault, as a trainee operator had given out the number when he or she should not have done. But as he said, the damage has been done and cannot be undone. Even if they were able to cover the cost of having her number barred, which is highly unlikely, the problem with her will always remain. He did come up with one suggestion though. As he pointed out, BT have very firm policies regarding what are termed as nuisance calls, and these clearly fall into this category. However, before they and The Police can take action against such callers, they need evidence. He therefore suggested that I start recording the time of her calls, with a few brief notes as to their content, if and when they are abusive (which they often are). This will take time and patience, but if she is confronted with this from a legal standpoint, is something that even she will take notice of.

Yesterday I had quite a nice conversation with her, and began to have hopes that our relationship may be salvagable after all, but I should have known better to have thought that. Once again just before midnight last night the phone rang. This time it was not her, but the Casualty department at the local hospital, asking me to call them back. Fearing the worst, I naturally did, only to be told that she had been in there and had left without being seen. Of course once my sleep was interupted (again), neither Coran nor I was able to get back to sleep, so that meant another sleepless night - it's just as well that I don't work full time or have to drive for a living or operate machinery, not that she would care.

I rang the hospital back this morning anyway to query why they deemed it necessary to call at this time, when there was really nothing I could do, and they apologised and explained that they had been worried about her and what she might do and wondered if I knew where she may have gone. I hate myself for this, but I have this persistant thought that won't go away. As I am her next of kin this situation with her will not go away either, so maybe I would be better off if she weren't here in my life at all. I can see that this is the only way that this will ever truly end - I will not be free of this until I am free of her.

So, as usual I have two choices, put up with this or take action. The only question that remains is what action to take. Do I bite the bullet and block that number or do I put up with this for however long it takes to report her for making nuisance calls. I suspect that in the end it will mean having that number blocked.

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