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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pulling out the stops

Things have been a little better at work since Monday, although not much, and I have no regrets about my decision to leave. If anything, I am more determined than ever.

Yesterday I finally found the courage to speak to the Director in person, and ask him outright (looking him straight in the eye) whether he had seen the letter I handed in 6 weeks ago requesting a pay rise. He said words to the effect that his wife and co-Director deals with this sort of thing, which is probably true, since she is the one who does the pay roll. He then when pressed a little further, said that we would need to arrange a meeting to discuss things further. This is typical of his behaviour to try and pass the buck and not deal with things directly. But it is now out there and he knows that I am not going to let this go away, and so if I hear nothing for another week, then I shall ask him again and start gradually chipping away, making it clear that this for both me and him is not going to go away and needs to be dealt with.

It matters not that I have an interview tomorrow for a housekeeping job in another home, for this for me has now become a point of principal. Barring a complete disaster at the interview tomorrow, even if he does turn round and offer me a rise, I will still want to leave regardless, for this is now about far more than just the money, it is about being treated as a human being with dignity and respect, things that while he remains as Director are likely to be in ever shorter supply. It is then about maintaining my own dignity and respect and not allowing my own boundaries to be breached any more than they already have been. As it stands, I am now way past my limit with regard to that. Fingers then crossed for tomorrow.

I have a good feeling about this job, as it all seems to have just fallen into place. My next door neighbour who is a  retired care worker, has often spoken about this company, whom she worked for and said how well they treat their staff, and so I made a point some time ago of looking up their website and adding it to my favourites. On Wednesday of last week, when I made that decision to leave, I went to their website after I got home and found a housekeeping job not far from here, the closing date for which was that very same day. So I filled in my application and emailed it across, and then two days later when I was laying the tables at work, they telephoned to arrange the interview. Then after a I got home yesterday Coran showed me a flyer for a new home that they opening a little further away that had come through our door. Coincidence or what?

The universe then seems to be pulling out all the stops to help me. Now it is down to me to help myself.

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