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Friday, 18 July 2008

In the s***

Well, the last few days at work have been completely hectic. I am cream crackered and that's no lie. The reason for this is that the waffler has finally put us out of our misery and left - a week and a half early, in not the most considerate of ways.

He did not turn up on Wednesday because his girlfriend had problems with the baby she is expecting. That is fair enough, but he did not ring us at lunch time as promised to let us know what the situation was, or if he would be in later on. It is not the first time he has done this, as he recently took four days off, he said, due to sunstroke.

He has though gone and gone for good. He was working out 2 weeks notice, and so was due to go at the end of next week anyway, but decided that he wanted to go now, and start his new job on Monday, as they originally requested him to do. This has left us all right in the proverbial as with the closure looming over our heads everyone else is going too.

Our Assistant Manager was offered another job yesterday, so he will be handing in his notice, and all that leaves is the Store Manager, myself and our weekend assistant, who works on Saturdays, and he will be leaving us soon as well, to go to university. The waffler just had so many chances and seemed hell bent on self destruction. He repeatedly went off sick, without bothering to keep us informed, went against company policy by offering to deliver goods after work for extra cash, when the company did not insure him to do so, did not look after his appearance or even bother to wash his uniform, which stunk to high heaven, and proved time and time again that he was a liar and a blagger who just could not be trusted.

That proved to be his undoing, as due to his actions, our boss did not believe a word he said, and so each time he went off sick, and did not bother to keep us informed, he did not pay him. He was perfectly within his rights to do this, as technically it was unauthorised absence. The waffler felt that he was being victimised, and what with everything else that was going on in his life, rather than stay and do the right thing, by facing up to his responsbilities, he left and just ran away.

We are without a doubt much better off without him, but to leave in this way leaves a nasty taste in the mouth and is just bad manners. My Manager was so angry that he practically threw him out of the store, and given our situation, I can't say I blame him.

The waffler has just been so stupid though, since he had the offer of a transfer to another store within walking distance of his home, where he could have a big pay rise due to London weighting, and a real future. He has also thrown away the chance to earn a large bonus, which he may have qualified for had he stayed that extra week. He has chucked this all away to go and work with a group of bitchy women, with a Manager who criticised a member of her staff for wanting to go fishing instead of going out with her so called mates from work to get drunk! I guess if that is what he wants, it is not for me to judge ...

Because of his actions, my Manager and I have had one hell of a last 3 days. It has been just the 2 of us in since Wednesday, and neither of us have had a break at all. It has been a real struggle, and as I write this, I am so tired that I am struggling to keep my eyes open. It will be another early night tonight, straight after EastEnders, and a very lazy weekend.

If I hadn't gone in today, which was supposed to be my day off, then we would have had to close the store, since our Assistant Manager is on a training course, and my own boss could not run the store on his own. There will be just 2 of us in next week as well, as our weekend assistant is unable to do any overtime until the following week. This will mean more missed lunch breaks (thankfully I will be paid for these), and being unable to get out of the store to look for another job, or attend any interviews should Waterstones ring. I had to ring my partner yesterday as it was, and ask him to go and deliver the application form, since if I had waited much longer than I could have missed the boat. I don't know after all how long that sign has been up for.

My Manager and I then have not had a good week and are not happy people. I have to be careful of what I write and say though, since I was getting rid of some old flyers today and stood right in a pile of fox s*** which must have climbed over the fence! I was tempted to rub it off on the bag that contained the wafflers uniform that he had left behind, but even I am not that cruel, so I wiped it off on the flyers instead and then washed my shoes and hands ...

Still you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and I am nothing else if not tough. If all else fails I can always apply for a job with the new lease holders and serve coffee all day! This could though be an opportunity to prove my mettle which could work to my advantage, since not only has it given me the chance to earn more money (my Manager has asked me to work full time until the shut down), but if I continue to do as well as I have done, then I stand a much better chance of getting a transfer when the time does come. I must be mad to even think of staying with this company. You know what they say, you don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!

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