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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

The last few days have once again been a roller coaster of emotions, mostly as usual to do with work.

A few weeks ago, I had a call from an employment agency to say that they had seen my CV online, and had a job that they would like to put me forward for. The job was as a Customer Service Advisor for a building society, and they were looking for someone who had pretty much all the skills and attributes that I need and use in my current job. I said I was interested, and they agreed to put me forward. I then heard back a week or so later to say that they would like to interview me. The interview was arranged for first thing on Thursday morning, 4th September. I asked for this time, as I thought it would make things easier given the situation at work, rather than having to rush off halfway through the day.

I knew at the time that it may not be easy arranging the time off, but did not realise just how difficult and frustrating it would be. Neither did I realise that my Manager had booked this week off for holiday. He actually had (has) 2 weeks booked, the first of which he planned to spend at home.
He did not expect given the staffing situation to be able to get both weeks off, and therefore thought that we would be able to sort something out. However, he did get the week off, since a stand in manager was found. For the next 2 weeks she and I will be running the store together with our weekend assistant, who works on Saturdays and will I hope also do some odd days next week (he is also on holiday this week, before his return to college tomorrow).

I was having kittens thinking I would not be able to go, and had to ring the agency to explain what the situation was. I asked whether it would be possible to change the date to today, since we open at 10am on Wednesdays, but this was not possible. I then had to ask my acting Manager to try and sort something out. We eventually managed to arrange cover, but when I rang the agency to tell them this, and they went back to their client, the client had cancelled the interview, and is now offering me next Tuesday instead.

This really has been a total nightmare, which has left me mightily fed up. There is just no point in worrying about it though, since if things do not work out then there is nothing I can do, and I will just have to chalk it up to experience. I am okay now, but yesterday I wanted to hit someone, something, or anything, I was so angry and frustrated and spitting blood. I already feel cheated out of my pay rise, and then to have this happen as well was just too much.

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