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Sunday, 14 September 2008

What's up on planet June

Karen Bishop may say in her latest update that the energies have not changed much, but it certainly doesn't feel that way to me.

According to her, we are at the stage where we have been "unplugged" from one outlet and are waiting to be plugged into another, leaving us dangling in mid air. While we are in this unplugged stage, we are preparing and re-aligning in preparation, preparing for a new role or new aspect within our current role.

Being unplugged means that things are still, as we have to hit the bottom before we can begin again. When things are still, it can feel that there is more going out than coming in, but this Karen says, will change when we plug back in again. Things may be still without, but not within!

During this preparation period, we are being given the opportunity to open and embody much more light. After this is complete, we will begin to feel the glimmerings of a very new connection.

She goes on to describe some feelings and symptoms that are very familiar to my partner and I, and which I in particular, can definitely relate to given my current situation at work. For example, feelings of being empowered for no particular reason, and also feeling like taking a stand. Feeling ready to let go of the any of the old that has entwined itself around you or that perhaps you interacted with out of politeness. You may feel like you did your part in a higher way, but you were the only one, and now you must move on ready to dis-connect completely from any energies that were in a very different space than you. You may feel like it is time to have your way.

I can certainly relate to all of this, as these feelings have come flooding to the surface during my Manager's absence. It is almost as if working with another woman opened the floodgates and gave me permission to express so much of what I have been bottling up inside. Men do not talk about their feelings in the same way as women, and so much has remained unsaid. Spending time with another female at work has enabled me to express these feelings which I never knew I had, at least not to this intensity. I have found myself at times almost crying with frustration, but also with joy when I heard that we may finally get some news (the landlord is due to visit the store tomorrow to carry out an annual inspection).

With everything that has gone on - the problems with getting cover first for my interview and second for the Stevie Wonder concert that I attended on Friday night (more about that later), and also with my acting Manager's health problems (she had food poisoning and could not time off to go the Doctor), my rankles have been raised. It seemed as if the company was willing to put profit before the welfare of its staff, and made me feel, well, like Karen says, as if I was and am ready to let go of the old that has entwined itself around me and that I have been interacting with out of politeness, or in my case, misguided loyalty.

I may not have had the dreams of empowerment or reconnection that Karen speaks of, but it is time for me to start setting boundaries, as mine have been encroached on quite severely of late, and that has to change. The past year and a half has been challenging indeed, and is time that I started to look after myself and stop putting others first - they have to look after themselves and fight their own battles - I cannot and should not do this for them. Perhaps my speaking out will encourage this.

I have allowed myself to disconnect almost completely from what Karen refers to as "my true and authentic self", as I have been so distracted and tied up with knots dealing with all these perceived problems and negatives. It is now time for me to move into a purer and higher vibrating version of who I am. The more I do this, the more I will allow others to do the same - as it is a case, quite literally, of sink or swim. This disconnect has left me feeling weak and disempowered, as if others were in charge, fragile, lost, weepy, and frightened. Thankfully I have realised what is going on, and know that it is within my power to change. It is a bit like having a heart transplant, as when the old heart is removed (and my heart has felt literally ripped out these past few weeks - my heart has certainly not been in my work), all the blood is drained from a patient before a new heart can be implanted. It is time for my own change of heart and a change of perception.

I no longer have to carry the light for others, or see myself as responsible for their evolution, it is time to hand things over to them, and know that they are ready. In the past, higher energies have bombarded the planet at frequent intervals, creating drastic shifts in energy. This is no longer happening, as we are embodying much more light within. It therefore no longer needs to come from outside. The scales have tipped, so that we are the light; it is the same light as before but is being distributed and dealt with differently and in a much more appropriate way, as God intended.

We are then being encouraged to do what we need, and what is best for us. In the past when I needed guidance or had a decision to make, for example, whether or not to take the job that I was interviewed for last week (I have yet to hear if I was successful), then I would have looked for a sign, or maybe even had a reading, but this time I tuned in to my own guidance. I was told that it was impossible for me make a mistake, and that whatever decision I made would therefore be right for me; there was learning in whatever decision I made and there was no right or wrong. This as you can imagine, brought a great sense of relief.

It is then about seeing love in all situations and knowing that I can choose a different reality. Yes the situation at work has been stressful and difficult, and it is not over yet, but I can choose to see the positive. It is a wonderful opportunity to live for the moment, and not wait for a better day to arrive; not to spend my time waiting for a closing date but to make the most of each day as it occurs and to see the gift within each moment. It is there if I choose to look, and the more I practise this, the better that day will be as the light will flow through me to those that I serve and interact with. This will bring about a monumental shift for all concerned, and the knowledge that I am the ultimate creator.

As the equinox of September 22nd draws near, brighter and better things will depend upon each and every one of us, more than ever before. Connecting to our passion, to our true and authentic selves, to what makes us feel great, and to good and special friends are the ultimate ways to connect to more light. And knowing who we really and truly are, while bringing that gift to the planet, will automatically place us in one big and awesome alignment.

Karen will be visiting her grandchildren in North Carolina from September 15th until September 25th, where she has no Internet access. Unless there is incredibly exciting news before that date, there will be no further updates until she is back. The same will doubtless not be the case for me!

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