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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hot, hot, hot

Britain is in the grip of a heatwave at the moment, with temperatures in the late 70's to early 80 degrees - it makes a welcome and much needed change after the last 2 lousy summers that we have had. I only hope that it continues for the rest of the season - the forecast looks promising.

I really need a good holiday this year and the chance to unwind and relax. Funds are tight, so it may be the last chance I get for a while. I am due to go to Lundy for the obligatory two weeks at the end of July, and it may be my last visit for a while. It it not that the island has lots its appeal, it is just that I have become aware of how many other places there are out there, and the fact that I should be visiting them while I still young and fit enough to enjoy them.

I used to travel an awful lot before I discovered the island - in Britain and abroad. For a while during the late 80's I had a job that involved working weekends only, which meant that I had the rest of the week free. It was a well paid job at the time (around 8K a year, the same as I am on now 20 years later - how times change), so I could afford to indulge my passion with a vengeance. I often used to disappear for a few days during the week to visit places such as Bath and the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. I remember one such trip where I spent three nights at this wonderful youth hostel in a place called Port Eynon - it was a converted life boat station right on the beach. I have wonderful memories of sitting on the beach eating chips and watching the sun set, and even more wonderful ones of a day spent walking up and down the 2 mile stretch of sands at nearby Oxwich Bay.

I have decided that even though I cannot really afford it, if I have not heard anything re the part time post room job that I applied for the other day (and which the agency have put me forward for) by the end of next week, I will book a couple of nights at the Laston House Hotel in Ilfracombe where I usually stay at either end of Lundy visits that sail from that port. It will be lovely start to the holiday - long days at Saunton Sands beach combing and watching the wind surfers in their ever so tight trunks! Driving down the winding country lanes with the wind in my hair and the salt on my skin - I really need this holiday and feel better just thinking about the possibility.

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