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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Wing mirror man

There is clearly something in the air at the moment, with me not being seen and noticed, especially with driving, as there seems to be a real increase in idiots on the roads these past few days.

On Tuesday night we had a power cut, and so as it was a such a nice warm evening, my partner and I decided to take a drive to the bottom of the hill to take some photographs of the trees. We were halfway down the winding road that leads to the bottom of the hill when a black Mercedes came speeding towards me in the middle of the road, forcing me to swerve (not funny when there is a sheer drop on the other side). After he had sped away, I moved back out again in order to compensate, probably a little too much. A smaller white car came towards me, also further over than he should have been; there was a loud bang and both of our wing mirrors were gone. We both stopped our cars, and I watched through the rear view mirror as the female companion of the driver of other car came running down the hill towards me with her partner in hot pursuit.

I switched on my hazard lights to warn the other traffic and wound down the window so I could talk to them both. "You have just taken off my wing mirror" he said. I said "well you were a bit far over". "No I wasn't he said, you had at least a foot between you and the edge of the road". Expletives rushed from both their mouths as I sat there in gaped astonishment, trying to control my rising anger. I was not going to sit there and tolerate this kind of language, for a minor accident that was obviously both of our faults, for which there were no injuries and were the costs were too negligible to worry about exchanging details, so I calmly said to them "I am sorry, but you do not get to speak me like", wound up my window and continued on my way, my heart pounding within my chest. I pulled into the next car park at the bottom of the hill to recover my composure, before returning home.

Then yesterday I was driving back from the supermarket, well within the speed limit (I was going 40 in a 50 mph zone) when some idiot came out of a side turning and positioned themselves half out of the turning, half in a turning place in the middle of the road blocking my way forward. If that wasn't bad enough, the idiot behind this person also came half out of the turning, blocking the other half of the road, so I was forced to stop in my tracks. It was a good job I was concentrating (they clearly weren't) as if I had been going much faster it could have been a nasty accident (and I can guess who would have got the blame).

I really do not know what is going on with people at the moment, why there seems to be so much darkness around with such stupid behaviour. It is almost as if I am just not being seen at all. There is just no need to speak to people in the way that "wing mirror man" did, and as for the other two, well, they are both accidents waiting to happen.

Still it could have been a lot worse. At least it was only my wing mirror that got broken, which didn't cost that much to replace. The garage were able to get one in within hours of my ordering it, and one of their men even fitted it for me - proving that there are still some gentlemen out there!


  1. Goodness, sounds like you are in Phoenix! Do you drive with your lights on at all times? That is reported to help in the daytime. I don't know if it does or not, but I do it anyway.

  2. Not headlights Nadine - I was referring to hazard warning lights that we use to warn other drivers of a hazard up ahead.