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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Still Here !

Well, the 21st December proved not to be the end of the world as was widely predicted, as I am still here to tell the tale. While some did believe in the Doomsday sagas that the sky would turn black and they would be lifted up in the Rapture to meet their God, I for one was not one of them, preferring to believe in the alternative theory that this was to usher in a new era of peace as the previous era came to an end. This has in fact been happening for a while, not in an altogether easy transition, depending on your point of view. It has been easier it has to be said for some than for others, mostly those who chose not to resist. For the majority who did not and still do not understand, it has sadly not been an easy path, and that is precisely why those who have been on the path for a while and do understand will be so needed in the coming weeks and months. Where Coran and I have been doing the work now for 20 odd years, those who chose not to embrace this change now have just a few short months. I would not want to be in their shoes!

During the weeks leading up to the 21st Coran and I both experienced some very strange dreams - it was almost as if both of us were clearing away all the debris of both past and current lives. The dreams included visits to various ancient civilisations around the world, as well as more recent events where we confronted those who have affected both of us deeply in both positive and negative ways - colleagues for example from former jobs, school bullies, former friends and acquaintances and family members. Some of these dreams were very vivid and intense and immensely real and frightening. It is all though good, as both of us knew that the more we cleared before the 21st, the less we would be taking with us.

One thing that I will definitely not be taking with me is my current job, for four days before the 21st, on the 17th, I arrived home from work to find that my CRB had finally arrived. I telephoned my soon to be new boss straight away to let them know and confirm my starting date - 21st January, exactly one month after the start of this new era. The following day I went to work and handed in my notice. The next few days passed in a bit of a blur and seemed somewhat unreal. Now that it is real I feel nothing but a huge sense of relief. It all feels so right - the timing and everything about it, most of all the fact that I shall start there exactly one month to the day of the commencement of this brand new era that we have talked about for so long.

When I first heard about the significance of this event, at the end of the last millennium, it seemed so distant, but the time has passed so fast that it now hardly seems real. Now that we have moved through it and come out the other side, it seems even less so, but move through it we have, and I for one can think of no one I would rather have experienced it with and had by my side during the entire magnificent process than Coran, the person whom I love beyond all else.

When I realised that 21st was to be my day off from work, I suggested that we go away somewhere together, just the two of us, to be in our space to experience the shift in our own way. At first we thought about trying to get private access to Stonehenge, but this proved impossible, so we decided instead to stay at the Travelodge near Amesbury for one night to be in the energy of the stones, and to visit Avebury at the same time. We then hit upon the idea of also visiting Glastonbury, another of our favourite sacred sites, and so, the Chalice Well being already full, we booked a second night at the Travelodge  in Glastonbury as well. So it was that we found ourselves awake shortly after midnight at the start of the 21st, and at 11.11am later on that day, walking up to the top of the Tor. We were in good company with many others of like mind, all chanting and singing, enjoying the atmosphere and soaking it all in.

It was interesting to see people's reactions at work when I told them of our plans, which ranged from the jealous to the incredulous. As one of them put it "in this day of reason and scientific enlightenment that people should believe such things". Now that it is all over, is it interesting too to see written all over the Internet words to the effect that it was all a damp squib, and as no one saw, felt or heard anything, none of it exists. The fact that countless others may have seen, heard and felt various things seems to be of little consequence, for it is not the person writing this stuff who saw, felt or heard anything, and it is therefore regarded as hokum, or words to that effect.
It does not seem to occur to them that the reason they felt, heard or saw nothing is because the transformation is meant to come from within, and cannot be regarded as an external thing. If you want to create change in your life, then you have to go out and create that change. The cynics may think that thousands chanting and banging drums at the top of Glastonbury Tor, or countless other sacred sites, not only in the UK but throughout the world is only symbolic and had no real effect, but trust me this, the energy at the top of that Tor was tangible, and when groups of people gather together with one common focus, things happen whether you feel it or not!
I know that I have experienced major shifts in my own life over the last few years, and that these will continue to occur, I also know that others have experienced the same, and I say, bring it on. This was not meant to be one event where everything suddenly shifts, but a gradual process - this is then only the beginning. It is up to us the way showers to hasten that process and help others as they come onto the path to speed up their own processes. This is an exciting time to be on the planet, and I for one intend to enjoy every single minute, as we move to infinity and beyond.   
For Coran and I then, it was and is not so much about the day itself, but more about what happens afterwards now that the portal is open and we have chosen to step through. The coming days and months will be interesting indeed to watch and see what happens both within us and within the world at large.

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