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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The end is nigh

With less than a week to go until 21st, the end of the Mayan long count calendar, when we finally cross that portal to the next stage in our evolutionary journey, it has been a relatively quiet week at work. This is of course a blessing in the run up to both Christmas and the 21st, and is largely because for once, on the housekeeping side at least, we have been fully staffed. The carers have not however been without their problems, with one in particular taking extended periods of sick leave with little if any notice, and failing to bring in a Doctors note to certify why. This lady has a reputation for causing problems with not only the staff, but also residents, as she has upset virtually all of us with her attitude on a multitude of occasions. I wonder then if her time with us, like mine, will soon be coming to an end. Whatever her issues are, I also hope that she sorts them out soon.

The net result of this, as I discovered when I read the minutes from the recent staff meeting, is that her absence, among other things (for it is not of course all her fault) is causing the company to spend far too much on agency staff to cover the shortfall. The pay rise that we were, so I am told, due to be awarded in the New Year is consequently under threat. It is news to me that a rise was in the offing at all. As previously mentioned, three months ago, I wrote to the former Manager and Director requesting a rise, and setting out what I considered to be quite a good case. Despite my repeated reminders, I am yet to receive a reply. It is then news to me that a rise was to be awarded after all, and to be honest, the way in which I discovered this leaves a somewhat nasty taste in  the mouth. I do not expect to find out via a memo and it makes me wonder why the Director did not see fit to inform me of this decision in person. This though is not his style, he would rather leave notes criticising our work, in fact he would rather it seems do anything that communicate direct. I bit I have to concede like me. The fact that he NEVER gets agency staff for us housekeepers or indeed the Chefs (to the extent that the Kitchen Manager has not had a proper holiday since she started here three years ago) only adds to the sense of injustice.

It is though what it is, and as the anger diminishes and I begin to accept the fact that I will be leaving (assuming this CRB ever comes through), it somehow does not seem that important. I cannot control the thought processes and reasoning of others any more than I can control the weather, but I can control my own thoughts, and I know that the closer we get to the 21st the more important this becomes, as our thoughts as we go through that portal will determine the world that we create on the other side. I therefore choose not to get caught up in this drama any more but to create a future filled with love, compassion and all those things that the world needs to see it through to the next phase.

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