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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The latest update from Karen Bishop

Late last night, just as I was about to switch my computer off, a new energy alert came in from Karen Bishop, which I feel in part, compelled to post on here. It certainly explains a few things, and it reads as follows:

"Although an energy alert was just posted on May 1, because we experienced a shift yesterday on May 5, I felt it important to post this much needed information today. If you have not read the energy alert for May 1, kindly access it here.

Yesterday, May 5, we experienced a much needed shift in the energies. Yesterday was the cross-quarter between the equinox and the solstice, or the half way point of the meeting of masculine and feminine…a good breaking point marking a move from one energetic space into another.

A few weeks ago, I was putting my bed and frame together, and ended up pinned under my queen size box spring. What a heavy load it was, and what a difficult time I had trying to get out from under it! “OK,” I told myself. “I realize this is symbolic of the current energies, but can I get out now?” And this is what the energies have been doing up until yesterday, the 5th.

We have been under a huge amount of pressure, not being able to catch up, seemingly not being able to get out from under a barrage of things piling up on us, and feeling an immense burden of responsibilities, have to’s, and perhaps even feeling trapped in a merry-go-round of nothing being resolved, with no solution in sight.

Just when we thought we could take no more, something else would land on our plate or in our space, and we would have to deal with that. Around and around the energies would go, with just too much to do while seemingly getting nowhere with anything. Having to do things over, and still with no resolution, was a common manifestation. Many of us could simply not get on top of anything. We were buried beneath a big box spring of who knows what with no end in sight!

Exhaustion, fatigue, short fuses, tightness, and just feeling plain worn out were common symptoms. No time for anything enjoyable, no time to relax, and even if we made the time, the tightness was there and it could be difficult to relax even when intending to relax!

It could also be difficult getting comfortable with much of anything. Not much of anything would feel right. No good movies, nothing good to read, our creative endeavors might have felt off and not right, and many may have felt that nothing was fitting….nowhere to go that felt remotely good or right. Being out in nature may even have felt “off” for some unknown reason.

Also during this time, we were detoxing. This can manifest as body and muscle pain, sinus headaches, nausea, and a general feeling of toxins within our system. Insomnia was prevalent as well, as the energies were building and had nowhere to go as of yet. Restless sleep, even when exhausted, and waking up at dawn were common occurrences for many.

In one fell swoop, things finally culminated, and the shift occurred. For me, I felt nauseous, completely flattened for about an hour, and as if I had been run over by a truck. Then it was over.

And as the energies built, the weather was affected as well. Violent occurrences of tornadoes, typhoons, high winds, vast variances in the temperature from one day to the next, and the like. Much movement in many arenas!

Up until yesterday, the energies were jammed, so to speak. This was because we had reached a new plateau, or higher dimension at the end of March, and were not yet in alignment with much. And the new energies were pushing against the old, piling on top of each other because the new alignments were not yet completed. Although this pattern will continue with much of the world, the May 5th break will help to alleviate much that we have been feeling within us."

This pretty much sums up exactly how I have been feeling, and although I realise that a lot of it is my own stuff, it is also good to know that cosmic forces are at work to help me break down these issues, and begin to work through them in a much more effective way.

Karen goes on to talk about the US economy; how things are beginning to reach crisis point and how a lot of the blockages were caused by the fact that the energy itself was jammed - as above, so below I guess! I certainly felt something shift over the last weekend, and something quite profound. The trick now has been holding on to that space while continuing back at work - which has not been easy at all.

I managed it okay on Monday, but then that was a quiet day, and the waffler was not in! He was back though yesterday and with a vengeance. It sounds awful, but last week he had a job offer from another store (he has been looking around for a while). There I was thinking that I was going to get rid of him, and that I must have worked through the challenges that he had presented to me. I should have realised that I am not the only one in this store, and others may not have worked through them quite yet, as he has decided not to take it, and to stay where he is for the moment - something about not wanting to travel. I can't say I blame him in some ways, as his girlfriend and most of his friends work in the town, and so it is convenient, and the other store, although larger, is not in nearly such a nice area.

Oh well, I guess there is still more work to do - still, the sun is shining once again and the church yard round the corner presented a sunny spot to sit in yesterday while I had my lunch. Time to get that uniform on again then for another day ...

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  1. Thank you. I often talk about the 'thin thread' that leads us to places and people. I just followed one and found your post.

    Thank you. ~doffs cap~