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Thursday, 15 May 2008

One hell of a ride

Today it looks very much like I will soon be out of a job. We were told at work some time ago that a big announcement would be made to the City today regarding the future of the company and where we were heading, and it was not good news.

Our parent company have decided to close 77 stores. Most of these closures will come about in the form of natural wastage - simply put the stores will close as and when their leases expire. The lease in our store expires at the end of July, and so it seems that mine will be too, and I will have to look for a new job.

While this is still not official, it is as good as a done deal. While I had been half expecting this for several months, it has still come as a bit of a shock to find that despite my rantings about the job on here, I have got used to going there four mornings each week and interacting with the customers.

It is ironic that this happened just at the moment that I finally have committed to this job, and begun to accept the fact that I will not be able to make a living from writing. I have tried so hard these past few weeks to really put the effort in and change the way that I think and feel, and have begun to make some real inroads and significant gains in confidence. I have even broken through the blockage that I seemed to have around selling the expensive items, and had made my mind up that I would like to be trained as expert, but it seems that this is not to be.

Maybe I was only meant to be there for a short period of time - to learn what I needed to learn from the experience and move on. There has I must admit, been a hell of a lot of learning to do, and it has at times, been very, very challenging indeed. In many ways, the job epitomises everything that I despise about the consumer society in which we live, where meaningless entertainment has superseded both family and real life.

My Manager has a meeting on Tuesday with his own boss to discuss what opportunities may be open to him and his staff who wish to remain with the company, and I guess we will know better then what our options are, but right now I am not sure whether I want to stay at all. Maybe it is time to move on to something bigger and better, something where I can be much more myself, perhaps in an office environment, or maybe even a book store or a library. Only time will tell, but I get the feeling that something much better is waiting just around the corner.

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