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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Positives and Negatives

Tonight, I was sitting at home enjoying EastEnders when the phone rang - it was Sarah Jane, who runs the astrology group that I have been attending for the past 18 months. I had totally forgotten that we were supposed to be meeting tonight. Luckily the group is based at her mother's house, who lives on the same park as us, less than a five minute walk away, so I very quickly got changed out of my dressing gown, filled a water bottle and got there as fast as I could.

I was glad that I did, because the meditation as always, provided much food for thought. The sun has just moved into the airy sign of Gemini - the twins, and this is highlighting for me, the duality of existence that I am living by at the moment - the need to work and earn money, against the need to, you guessed it - write. I get the feeling that things will start to ease soon, but for the moment at least this is the situation that I am living with and I have to do my best to cope with this in the only way that I know how.

I have three planets in Gemini - all of them interesting and potentially very positive - except for the fact that they are squaring four other ones - which are not so interesting or positive. A dialogue has opened up between the seven planets concerned - in Gemini, Jupiter, Vesta and the north node of the Moon - the point of destiny or dragon's head, and in Pisces - Chiron, the Moon, Saturn and Ceres - and I am a lot clearer as to what I need to do to get through the particular challenges that these bring. In a nutshell, meditate, and ask for help !

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