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Friday, 2 May 2008

Acceptance of what is

I have just returned from a particularly interesting morning with my friend and astrologer extraordinaire, Sarah Jane Grace. Readers may recall that for some time now, I have been studying with Sarah on her course entitled Astrodynamics.

The morning began with looking at the Sabian symbol for the day - the Sabians being a star worshipping 'cult' from south-east Turkey, originating in the dim and distant past. Writer Andrew Collins mentions them in some of his books - in particular his latest, The Cygnus Mystery and also his first book, From the Ashes of Angels. The wording though for the symbol is as follows:

"A quiet, youthful young couple are walking down a busy street stopping to peer into every window with joyful glee".

It was interesting how this meant different things to different members of the group. For me it seemed to relate to materialism and how although on the surface many of these things seem to be illusory and transient, they are linked in ways that we do not know, for it is actually the sale and acquisition of these 'things' that keep the universe in motion, and the wheels ticking over, creating a ceaseless ebb and flow of monetary energy upon which we all depend.

We moved into the sign of Taurus the bull around nine or ten days ago, and since then, well, I don't need to tell you of all the dramas that have manifested in my life. The bull is one of those strange almost two faceted animals, which on the one hand looks graceful, quiet and serene grazing in the field, yet if you anger him and get on his wrong side, then boy do you know it! He is a slow and patient animal which cannot be pushed and has to be allowed to do things in his own time and at his own pace, in many ways a bit like myself.

The material world makes few allowances for this with the frenetic pace of modern life, and it seems, more and more demands being placed upon us every day. Customers have to be seen and dealt with then and there when they are in front of you, even if it is time for lunch, or you need to go to the toilet; they cannot wait and their needs have to come first, as secondary to your own. This is the nature of retail and the modern world that we live in.

There is also another side to Taurus, which resists these challenges and these pressures. Venus the ruler of Taurus, appreciates nature and sensuality, and this is bursting forth, as witnessed by the sudden blossoming this week of the cherry trees around our area. Aries, the sign that we have just left, was about that urgent creative spark, and as the energy builds towards the Summer Solstice on June 21st (my birthday as it happens) this is a perfect opportunity to put our dreams and aspirations into action, to stride out into the universe and make things happen through our intent.

Taurus is the lull in between, that creative space where you are waiting for those things to happen, and well, I have never been a particularly patient person. This has to a large extent been instilled into me by the demands of the material world, and the aforementioned career in retail that I mentioned.

It seems that the first thing that I do each morning after I have showered is switch on this damned computer. It is also the first thing I do, after removing my uniform when I get home from work. I do not allow myself to switch off and even switch between modes, but just rush from one place, to the next never allowing myself to unwind and just be. No wonder my mind is so over active then, and no wonder I cannot switch off. The time would be much better spent, I have come to the conclusion, in silent meditation, as this would set me up for the day so that I start at work refreshed and in the right frame of mind, free from distractions of not just my book, but everything else too. This then is the over riding thing that I got from today.

I cannot afford to waste time worrying about the things that I cannot control, and which are outside of myself. When you are in the midst of identification with the mind, which is a very powerful thing, it is all consuming and you cannot see the wood for the trees. You become absorbed and almost totally surrounded by what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the pain body, which is a complex interweaving of thought forms and emotions, a product of our past experiences. This is the baggage that has been imposed upon us not just by society, but also by ourselves, for we have been complicit in allowing society to 'do' these things to us, and have allowed this baggage to become 'ours'. Once we begin to see through this, as I have done today, then there comes a tremendous release of pent up emotion, and beneath that, a deep sense of peace and acceptance of what is. It is a knowing of what needs to be done and an acceptance of what is, the recognition that you no longer need to be right or to be angry with the world, for all is at peace, and is manifesting as you have chosen it to be.

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