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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

BOGOF's to be banned?

BOGOF's (buy one, get one free) could soon be banned from the supermarket in a series of guidelines that will no doubt please suppliers, who currently pay a heavily penalty for such offers, as in the book world, subsidising deals by being asked to provide deeper discounts. The move has been designed by Government watchdogs in an effort to cut food waste, which has reached criminal records. There may be an obesity epidemic in the west, but in the third world people continue to starve.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is demanding that retailers agree to a series of tough measures designed to cut such waste, or face legislation that forces them to make savings. These may include measures such as ditching buy one get one free in favour of half price deals (a move that would not offer improved terms for suppliers, in fact possibly worse), and different sizes of products designed to cater for smaller households as well as families. This is a move that I would certainly welcome, as it is increasingly hard to find such items without relying on over priced and over packaged convenience food, most of which I cannot eat anyway, as it is swimming in additives and hidden wheat.

The series of reports - called Food 2030 – has been welcomed by food specialists. DEFRA and the Food Standards Agency are also said to be preparing new guidelines to reduce confusion over best before labels.

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