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Friday, 21 August 2009

I confess

Okay I confess, I am guilty of one of the greatest crimes in journalism - not checking my facts. The story I ran the day before last regarding the Dudley pigs was in fact over four years old - dating from May 2005, a lesson for me to check the dates.

The only accurate thing about that post was the information regarding my own pigs - I do indeed collect them and they indeed have names and family histories. Yesterday I managed to purchase a small pig which will act as Dimitri, Sergei's little one (Sergei is the latest arrival from Russia) - when they saw each other after I bought Dimitri home, they were as happy as pigs in mud! I still have to get an Anoushka (Sergei's wife or sow), but she will follow in due course. Dimitri after all, needs his mother like any growing young lad.

So, next time I promise to be more careful (honest) and check the dates of these articles that I use. I have no idea how the situation was resolved (I presume that it was), but it made interesting reading after all, and enabled me to introduce you to my porcine friends.

Ramadan incidentally starts today (one day later in North America) and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 19th of September. During this time Muslims (with certain exceptions - the young, the frail, pregnant women and so on) will abstain from food during the hours from sunrise to sunset. Rather them than me.

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