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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Busy, busy

When I read Karen Bishop's post entitled "Moving into Position" a week ago I had to laugh at her description of those who remain enmeshed in the old third dimensional reality.

I have known for some time that much of the life that we think is real is an illusion, being as it is, a product of our thoughts, and this has never been more true. Much of the old world and the old way of doing things is illusion, and so many of those residing in this world may appear almost zombie like, as if they are going through the motions, devoid of passion or caring. When I think back, this is exactly the state I was in by the time I finished work with my last employer. I was not alone, for I observed this behaviour in most of my colleagues (and certainly the bosses), and many of the customers. This is not meant as a judgement, but more of an observation. It makes me realise how wrong for me that environment was and why I had to leave.

This sort of environment to me feels heavy and oppressive and completely disconnected from who I am. There is no way that I can or could ever go back to this way of working.

At the moment for many people I know, things seem almost dead in the water, as if nothing is happening at all. My partner is experiencing a crisis of confidence in his own business, with his most important client, who has also become a friend, wanting to take her website in a direction that he does not feel happy or confident about. It seems to him and others that I know that everything has come to a standstill and the cosmic energy has completely dried up.

The funny thing is that this is not my experience at all. For me things are finally beginning to move. After months of having no work at all, soon I will be inundated with it. My CRB clearance for the school I applied to work at as an Exam Invigilator has come through and they have rostered me for every day bar one leading up to half term at the end of May. The exam season lasts for around 5 weeks until the end of June, so if my CRB clearance comes through for the other job at the nursing home before then, I may be working seven days a week for a while.

It is true that neither of them are full time jobs, so I will still get some time off, but it will be busy, busy for a while. Hopefully the money that I get from the school job will cover the cost of my summer holiday, but if not there is always the tax rebate I am owed.

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