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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Forging ahead

I am missing the regular astrology group that I used to attend with my good friend Sarah Jane Grace, which seems to have been disbanded since my sojourn on on Lundy. Sarah describes herself as a psychic astrologer; someone who tunes in to the actual energies of the planets to see how they interact with the others in an individuals birth chart. This is not the sun sign astrology that you read in the papers, which don't get me wrong, has it's place, for this work is far more in depth.

It amazes me that each month when my partner, who does Sarah's website, receives the monthly horoscopes, that they are so in tune with what has been occuring in my life:

The April horoscope for my own sign of Cancer is as follows:

"Life has become a little tough recently, you feel as though your life is not moving in the way you had hoped for. You seem to be stuck in limbo, almost in stasis, not quite sure where to go next. In some ways this is due to your inner cautionary nature taking hold, as you are understandably feeling a little nervous about your way forwards in life. It seems that whichever way you turn, you have to make a leap of faith, and the fear of this has got you trapped in inertia.

You are aware of a pressure around you, trying to forge a way ahead, pushing you forwards. You haven’t realised that this, is, in fact you! You are creating the push/pull scenario – a feeling that you so desperately want to move forwards, but the fear holds you back. You must be feeling exhausted.

April brings with it a smoother path, and an easier ride. Once you stop wrestling with yourself so much, you will be able to see your way ahead with great clarity and focus. This is likely to be an obvious step, and you may feel a little silly that you had missed this solution before now, but worry not, don’t think about what has passed, focus on the present instead. Life doesn’t have to be tough anymore, embrace the joy and happiness, it is now within your grasp."

I do hope that she is right! Her other horoscopes can be read here.

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