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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The dam is about to burst

I received another update from Karen Bishop the other day, the timing as always impeccable. What she had to say was once again spot on with regard to where I am right now. I post my own comments here, as it always helps to know that others on the path are feeling the same as you. We all feel at various times, that no one understands our own unique pain, so it comes as a relief to know that others are going through it too, in their own way.

I was feeling very low and downhearted the other day, having been rejected for a job that I really wanted, but it seems that something bigger and better is beckoning over the horizon. The anchors are slowly being lowered, as spirit works to make sure that we get exactly what we need at this time.

Many of us have been going through intense periods of transformation. This is all part of the plan, to help us let go of the old, as me move into a new, much clearer and brighter space, where all our needs will be met, a space which is more in alignment with who we truly are.

While we are in this place of transiton, some may experience a variety of different symptoms, including intestinal distress, nightmares, unpleasant or strange dreams (I have had a lot of these), fatigue, dizziness, brain fog (some of this too), feeling as if one is floating, becoming emotional for no apparent reason (I experience this all the time), being cold with an inability to get warm, seeing more light in our surroundings (or having things look brighter, literally).

We have all worked hard and made great strides since this process began around the middle of last summer, and are now at the very edge of the cliff (metaphorically speaking), waiting to make that jump.

The tide will begin to turn within the next week or so, as Easter approaches, as the light begins to increase, in more ways than one. We will be left wondering, Karen says (and I so hope that she is right) why we ever doubted.

Things are being held back for a very brief time in order to help us with the final letting go, and then at last, in Karen's own words, the dam with break, and the river will flow. Any darkness that remains will lose its power and its footing, and we will be gently washed away, to be carried to a new shore where we will become completely anchored, she says, by June.

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