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Monday, 29 June 2009

The hive mind

On Friday when I get some chips from the van that visits our village every week, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of bees buzzing around the entrance to the alleyway that runs along the side of our house. After I got home, and we had finished eating, our neighbour rang the doorbell to let us know that a large swarm of bees were building a hive in one of our conifers. The hive had become quite large and in the space of maybe ten minutes, was inhabited by several hundred bees.

Because the alleyway is a public right of way, which people from all over the park use as a short cut, we had to get something done. Initially we wrote out some notices to warn people and posted them at both ends, but ultimately we had to get the bees removed, and so we called in a local pest control firm.

They arrived the following morning, and informed us that they wished to gas these poor creatures (not if we could help it) but could not do so as the bees would start to swarm and it would be too dangerous in such a public place. He contacted a friend who is a beekeeper and works for Surrey Wildlife Trust and asked him to come over to collect the bees safely and add them to his hive.

It was fascinating to watch him at work in his protective gear, gently lifting bits of the hive, bit by bit and placing it on to a special box which the bees eventually filtered into. Both of us agreed that we would much rather pay a bit more for the bees not to be killed, after all, there are less of them about than there used to be, and they do an essential job of spreading pollen from the various flowers that they obtain their nectar from. It became a bit of an attraction as news spread across the park, and we were joined by several inquisitive neighbours who came to watch.

It made me wonder about the reasons why the bees chose our garden, and our space in which to make their home, as according to the Shamanic tradition, all animals have a special significance and meaning, and when they show up in your life, are there to remind you of something. I wondered what this could be and remembered that some years ago I bought a pack of divination cards called The Beasts of Albion, and that the bee was one of these cards, so this morning after I returned from the gym, I looked up what the bee represents.

The book says the following:

"The Bee represents hard work which will eventually prove fruitful. It can mean the ability to communicate ideas, and the need to be kept informed of events. The Bee is able to create order and to organise skills and people, whether in the running of a business or a home. The Bee may also represent understanding and pure intent."

The book goes on to say:

"The Bee's hive is the order of the universe. Inside, the Bee teaches you your own place within this order, and the order within your own life."

This is interesting coming as it does, two days after I received some Theta Healing from our friend who runs the Inner Journey group that we attend each week, whereby I discovered that I do not know what to do with my life and sub consciously believed that I never would. Thanks to his healing, that belief has been reversed so that my body now knows that I shall know what to do with my life. All I have to do now is figure out what that is - if only it were that easy !

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