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Monday, 8 June 2009

Everything happens for a reason

A week or so ago I applied for a part time job in the post room of a nearby pensions company which I saw advertised on the Internet. The following day the agency that had posted this vacancy telephoned me to say they would forward my application on to their client. They rang again a day or so later to offer me an interview which would have been today. I had to re-arrange this for tomorrow after I received the exam timetable from the school and realised I had been rostered to invigilate a 2 hour exam this afternoon. Thankfully this was not a problem, with both the agency and their client understanding my predicament and the need to earn money.

I wish now (in some ways) that I kept things as they were and told the school I would be unable to work, as when I got home about half an hour ago, my partner informed me that the agency had rung to say that the interview was now off. It seems that their client interviewed another applicant today that they liked enough to invite back for a second interview, and decided in their wisdom that it would be unfair to continue interviewing other applicants. I am not sure where this idea comes from, since there is no guarantee that this person will do well at their second interview, want the job if offered, or even be any good at it. Still it is their choice and their decision to do this, and I am sure they think it is for the best. I can kind of see the logic therein, but there again, maybe not ...

It is annoying though from my point of view, since I had psyched myself up for the interview tomorrow and read up on the company, not to mention going out of my way to visit the agency this morning with a copy of my passport, when I had 101 other things I needed to do. Yet if I am honest, I did have doubts - if I had got this job I would have been working seven days a week - Monday to Friday 2.30 to 5.30 in this job (the post room) and Saturday and Sunday 8am-2pm at the nursing home. I am not 100 percent sure whether I would be able to handle this. It is true that both are only part time jobs, and 2.30-5.30 is a lot better than most other part time hours, but it would still have been a pain not having a full day off each week. It would have been impossible to go much further than Guildford in the mornings and everything would have had to be meticulously planned (no more lies ins) to make sure I was back in time for work. In retrospect then maybe the job was not for me.

To this end, I have gone ahead and booked those extra three nights at the Laston House Hotel that I said I would do if there was no news re this job by the end of last week. If they change their mind and decide they wish to interview me after all, then they will have to honour this, as time off already arranged. Actually I am glad I rang them, as it turns out that the husband of the couple who run the hotel has recently had a heart attack, and the hotel has been closed for a while. At times like this, they need as much support as they can get. It will also help me, as I can leave my car at the hotel during my time on the island, saving me the cost and hassle of parking in town.

So, my holiday has been brought forward by three days to Wednesday 22nd July. It is good to be travelling a day or so early, as being the busiest weekend of the day, the roads will be busy, necessitating an early start to get to Ilfracombe by 1.30pm to park in time for the 3pm sailing. It should be a good couple of weeks!

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