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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More thoughts about Michael (and Farrah too)

Jelaila Starr's latest video is on the subject of the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, whom she noticed passed within hours of each other last week, Farrah from a long battle with cancer, and Michael from causes yet to be determined. The timing of the video was as always impeccable, coming as it did moments after I watched the video for USA for Africa (the American version of Band Aid) on YouTube. This incredibly moving song features so many talented artists including Michael Jackson and of course Ray Charles, two incredibly gifted individuals, both of whom have now passed, Ray several years ago and Michael of course more recently. The song was co-written by Michael with Lionel Richie and no doubt raised millions of dollars for the Africa appeal.

Jelaila says that it was of course no coincidence that these two chose to depart their physical forms when they did - for more and more people are choosing to leave as we approach the crossover point at 2012. To a lot of women, Farrah Fawcett was the epitome of the 70's glamour girl - the beautiful blonde with the sunny personality, the glittering career and the perfect relationship, only it is never quite the way it seems ... Still, she represented that dream and Michael too represented dreams in his own way - the dream of creativity and self expression - to be able to unleash that raw and untapped potential that exists inside each of us, which many are too afraid to show.

The reason for the outpouring of grief that has followed (and despite my post of a few days ago, I am not totally immune, especially after watching those two videos) has been a huge heart opening for many designed to get people to look at and talk about their own shattered hopes and dreams regarding beauty and creativity.

These are things that I have been thinking about myself of late - now that I have become officially middle aged, I find myself at the crossroads between youth and old age - too young for a lot of things, but too old to hang up my dancing shoes (or walking boots in my case) and start drawing my pension. Nevertheless, I have become aware that there is much I wanted to accomplish in my life that I may not now have the chance to do - I also have certain regrets about the choices I made which have led to perhaps have less choice - if I had followed my intuition and learnt to use a computer in my 20's would I be working in a 9 to 5 office job now rather than a housekeeper? Who knows? If I had made that little bit more effort would my book have been more successful, again who is to say? Nevertheless these were dreams that I had which have not come true, and so you could say that I too have been grieving for the loss of my dreams about beauty and creativity.

Next time you listen to a Michael Jackson song or watch a repeat of Charlie's Angels, see what this brings up for you, the results may be interesting.

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