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Thursday, 18 June 2009

My get up and go has gone

I am in a strange place at the moment, not feeling as if I want to do anything at all. This is understandable in many ways, after the last month I have had - rushed off my feet with the demands of two jobs, the village newsletter and various other more personal matters.

There is a distinct lack of energy and get up and go, and I am evidently a little run down, since when I went to give blood the other day, I found for the second time this year that my iron was too low - only a little bit too low, but nonetheless, too low. This is not dangerous, since the levels they demand have to be quite high in order for donors not to get complications afterwards, when their iron levels fall even more. Nevertheless, this has made me reassess the way in which I have been treating my body. My diet has been somewhat erratic of late, with far too much wheat and junk food, none of which contains the nutrients that I need, so this end, I have begun a course of multi vitamins and vitamin C - 1000 mg's a day, which will hopefully boost my immunity. I am also making a concerted effort to exercise more - going to the gym every other day and trying some of the exercise classes on offer.

Things should start to settle down into a more regular routine now the exam season is almost over, but the next worry will be the search for another part time job to replace the exam invigilating. 12 hours a week at the nursing home does not cover my living costs! I have two more exams next week, on Monday and Tuesday, and then it is over until the next lot in November. My boss at the nursing home will be off sick for the next six weeks, following an operation, so there may be some overtime, but long term I do need a second part time job. The right one will no doubt come along.


  1. Well done with being healthier, June, I eat way too much junk too! You'll have more energy in no time :-)