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Friday, 7 January 2011

In its own time

I am in a strange place at the moment, in that space between tick and tock waiting for things to happen - the thing that I am referring to is of course that full time job that became vacant a few weeks ago. I noticed on the rota last night that my colleagues leaving date has been brought forward to next Friday, January 14th, but I am still yet to hear back about my own application. I know that the Manager has a lot to deal with, and it is also true that I have not seen her, but still I want to make the transition as smooth as possible, and make my own position official as soon as possible - it is not just a question of finance after all, but also employee benefits, as pension contributions, holiday pay and all other benefits are paid on a pro rata basis according to contracted hours, taking no heed of any amount of overtime. This seems a little unfair in some ways, since when I looked back through my diary for last year, I was surprised to find that I actually worked an average of 26 hours each week as opposed to my contracted 20, and so lost out quite considerably in this way. Still, it is what it is, and with any luck all of that will soon be behind me.

The transition may not be as difficult then as my Manager may think, for I am already familiar with most aspects of the job - I will have to get used to the routine of working upstairs as well as down, but this will help me, as is it easier to pace yourself upstairs without the constant demands of piles of washing up, plus it will also enable me to get to know the residents upstairs. It has always been the case up until now that I worked downstairs, and so know those who live downstairs very well, while I hardly see many of those who live upstairs - as a result I have got far too close to some of them, and get very upset when they die. Working upstairs as well will help to balance things out, emotionally as well as physically.

I suspect the hardest part will actually be getting used to starting work at 7am - but we are halfway to spring already, with the winter solstice already behind us, and I find myself waking up early in the spring and summer months anyway. I am sure then that given a few weeks, all will be fine. The main thing is that I will finally have two proper days off each week - hallelujah. This week and next week when I have five days off has then felt like a holiday in preparation for what lies ahead. Now that my body has recovered from the worst of the flu bug, I can relax and start to enjoy this time of rest.

On Monday Coran and I are off to Amesbury for the night, for a potter around Stone Henge and Avebury which will I am sure be nice, and then it is only another month until I go to Lundy. I hope the job will be finalised by then as it will be a month by then since my colleague left, which I personally feel is quite long enough. Things will though happen in their own time and I am sure it will all work out for the best.

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