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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Silly Book Awards for 2010

For several weeks if not months, I have been poring over a myriad of book titles, both fiction and non ficton to ascertain which if any, are worthy of awards for services rendered to man and of course womankind, by raising awareness of the human condition and the pure stupidity of the world that we live in.

Here I can finally reveal the contenders for 2010.

You Don't Have to be Mad to Work here but it Helps by Luna Tick
How to Cheat the Benefit System by Cash N Hand
A Bankers Dozen by G Reed
The Dummies Guide to Crime by Robin House
The Debt Crisis by Owen A Fortune
Honesty in Politics by Hugh Rinal
Off the Wall by Humphrey Dumpty
How to Live on Part Time Wages by Penny Pincher
The Cook that Came in from the Cold by Iced Pie
A Tail of Two Computers by Anon E Mouse
Katie Price: The Unofficial Biography by E Norma Stits
Snookered by Paul Table
Internet Whaling by I Pod
The Art of Giving by Genny Rouse (not nearly enough copies of this really excellent book were printed)
The Perfect Cuppa by T Bag

And on that note - the overall winner can be revealed (are you ready) as:

Honesty in Politics by Hugh Rinal (they are as we all know, experts at taking the piss).

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