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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Some very odd ends

As we enter the last week of trading at work, the store is looking in a rather sorry and dejected state, with very little stock remaining. There are a few odds and ends (and some of them are very odd), and that is it. On Saturday my Manager and I joked that we should put a sign on the door stating "Jumble Sale" as customers rummaged through bargain bins filled with various oddments. So many customers have asked me why we are closing and what is to become of me, that I am considering going to work on the last day with a sign round my neck stating, "Today is the last day, the lease ran out, I am transferring to another branch!".

Today and tomorrow are well earned days off to write, walk and enjoy the early winter sunshine. Ten days from now I shall be back on my beloved island of Lundy, where I plan to do a lot more writing.

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  1. I went down the Lulu route some years ago but found that the pricing structure together with the postage from the US meant that I could not sell a tome at a market price.
    Because of this I went to a POD in Cornwall - who has had recent problems with its production - and now have set up my own POD company which will launch next year.