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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Change - the only constant in the universe

A few days ago we moved into the sign of Scorpio, which happens to be my rising sign - that is, the sign of the zodiac that was over the horizon at the time of my birth. This is the outer face that we present to the world. At the same time, I also received the last energy alert from Karen Bishop. Karen has been sending these alerts to those on her mailing list (which I joined about a year ago) for seven years now, and I am sure they will be missed.

Her work is though done, as we have moved into a different phase where we can support ourselves and no longer need to rely on guidance from others. A huge shift has taken place these last few months, for both myself and humanity as a whole. The archives on Karen's site will still be available, and she will continue to write and add updates to her new site, but there will be no more energy alerts, as they are no longer needed.

What she had to say in the last alert was very appropriate for Scorpio, and one paragraph in particular struck a chord with me:

"Going into the masses now, before the time is right, will result in some fairly unpleasant scenarios. Much of the time we will feel invisible, invalidated, not heard, diminished, dis-respected, and basically as if we do not even exist. Lower vibrating energies cannot “see” higher vibrating energies, similar to angels existing in the non-physical plane, and this is what will indeed occur when we attempt to jump back into old energy. It will be enough to make one want to flee and never return."

I have felt a lot like this of late, particularly at work, where a lot of the time I have felt invisible - unseen and unheard. I get the feeling that once at the new store this will change - one of two things will happen - it will either get a lot worse, or a lot better, depending on me.

During the Astrodynamics evening tonight with Sarah Jane Grace, I received the following words:

"It is not change or the threat of change that unbalances me, but the thought of staying where I am. The more willing I am to embrace that change, the greater the potential for growth".

Never a truer word spoken, or in this case, channelled.

Tonight we worked with Scorpio - a sign that I am very familiar with, my chart being top heavy with water. The Sabian symbol for the day was as follows:

"A massive rocky shore presents its unchanging face of the centuries to the furies and coaxing calms of the sea".

This brought to mind the idea that the sea shapes the landscape through the forces of erosion that constantly wear away the land. In the same way, we are also shaped by what life throws at us, yet beneath it all, the spirit remains the same. The trick is to step back from it all, and rise above so that we are not affected by these base emotions that are so familiar to Scorpio types. The rock can be seen as us, and the water the ebb and flow of life.

Scorpio is a volatile and changeable sign, just as water (the element that it falls into) is also volatile and changeable - from stormy seas to the calm of a country mill pond. Water can also be mysterious, since no one knows what lies beneath its depths. It represents the psyche, the collective unconscious that binds us together, that Scorpio's are very much in tune with (I know that I am). It also represents the emotions and hidden depths - the idea of a volcano paints a good picture of what Scorpio is like, with the power hidden deep beyond the surface, every so often bursting forth . There is a touch of the dramatic with Scorpio people, who feel very deeply and intensely, too much so, as I know to my cost.

It is the least understood of all the signs with three different levels - the scorpion, the eagle and the dove. The scorpion represents the base emotions, which are linked to our survival instinct - sex, death, birth and so on. The eagle soars above these emotions as it begins to attain spiritual (and self) awareness. When we get to the dove, we have reached the state of enlightenment or detachment, where we are no longer affected by the emotions, but can see beyond to the bigger picture of what life is all about.

Key words for Scorpio are: pride, endurance, indestructible, possessiveness, emotionally close, sensitive to others, devoted, self sacrifice, compassion, defensive, enigmatic and destructive - these are all traits that I see in myself.

Scorpio has two rulers - Mars, the god of war and champion of the underdog (again very much like me, since I declare war on anyone who does not treat me properly), and Pluto, the planet of change and transformation. It is interesting that the US elections take place, in one of the most powerful nations on Earth, at this time of year, while the Sun is in Scorpio. Whatever the outcome, it will have far reaching consequences for all, and energetically, it is no coincidence that I booked to go to Lundy at this time.

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