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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Which job should I take?

Time for a quick post before I catch the last episode of Tess of the Durbervilles.

What a busy weekend it has been! Following the news of our definite closure on Friday, I spent Saturday working at another nearby branch. The first hour or so was quiet, but as the day wore on, it got busier and busier. I was pleased to find that I ended the day as top salesperson - not bad for someone who doesn't even (as yet) work there.

I think I would be happy there, although I would rather work in a High Street if I can, with fresh air circulating around the store (this store is on the lower ground floor of a shopping centre). My other concern is that most of the staff are much younger than myself, so I might not have that much in common with them - the lady Manager is though my own age (just turned 40), and her Assistant Manager in his mid 30's, so that would help. He is though a very young mid 30's.

If possible I would also like to spend a day at my first choice of store before I really make up my mind, although the store where I worked today (my second choice) would not be an altogether bad thing. It would be a lot busier than the first one, although this is much closer to home, and also nearer to what I am used to - smaller and more personal, with a fairly laid back Manager (perhaps a bit too laid back - the second store is the other way around). Decisions, decisions. I am hedging my bets and continuing to look for another job - I applied for 3 today. If nothing comes my way before the closure, then I can always go to one of the 2 branches and use it as some breathing space while I continue to look. The universe as always will no doubt make the decision for me - if and when I am ready to leave a suitable job will be offered.

Today then was the usual trip to the gym followed by Harvest Lunch at the Village Hall, networking with various residents and group leaders. A very nice lunch it was too. Then on to Staples for some ink cartridges, and home for a heavenly cup of tea and to apply for those jobs. Some browsing on various writing sites followed, and a hot bowl of soup, followed by an even hotter bath.

Tess calls so over to the television ...

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