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Friday, 3 October 2008

We have a closing date - at last!

I was halfway through my lunch today when my Manager came upstairs to tell me that his boss had just rung to confirm that we finally have a closing date - Saturday November 1st. I felt a strange sense of calm and peace - and a huge relief. It feels like a ten tonne weight has been lifted and everyone spent the rest of the day smiling. The fact that it happened so quickly after I showed willingness to confront my issues shows me that the universe is pleased with my efforts, and that I am beginning to get through this so that I can hopefully move on.

Tomorrow I am going to work at another nearby store (my second choice for a transfer) to see how I get on and whether or not a transfer is the right thing for me. The only way to know after all is to spend time actually working there. The Manager will not be there, but her deputy will be, whom I met last time I went in. It is worth transferring I feel even if nothing comes along between now and then, as it will give me some breathing space to find something more suitable. I will of course continue to look around - there were 3 jobs in this weeks local paper that sounded interesting.

It won't seem real until I actually see that closing sign go up - at which time the customers will be in there like a pack of vultures fighting over the scraps. What fun that will be. Exciting times ahead!

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