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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The dawning of Aquarius

Yesterday morning was my monthly astrology group with Sarah Jane Grace. It was as usual a thought provoking time, with much to mull over and chew on.

The Sabian symbol for the day was "A large white dove circles about and about overhead and then descends and proves to be a carrier with a message".

This brought to mind the idea of the dove being a symbol of peace, holding the olive branch. This got to me to thinking of what the olive branch represents - it comes from the Biblical story of the flood (and also the Epic Gilgamesh, which is the oldest written narrative of the flood). Noah releases the dove to see if it will fly back, and when it returns with the olive branch, he knows that the flood has subsided and it is safe to go ashore.

When you think about the symbology of water (the flood), it is about emotion (as a triple water sign, this is something I know all about). The dove was telling Noah that it was safe to come out of the Ark, his hiding place. Safety does not come from hiding away, or locking things into our hearts, but from dealing with and ultimately rising above emotion, if and when we manage to achieve that, then true peace is revealed. It was interesting that as the meditation came to an end, and Sarah brought us gently back into the room, doves were cooing just outside the window. It was almost as if they were confirming that my analysis was correct, that I needed to put these thoughts and words into action.

There is a lot going on astrologically at the moment. Yesterday was a Full Moon (in Leo) and also a lunar eclipse, which signifies great change (since when has that been new). The Sun has recently moved into the Sign of Aquarius - the water carrier. Aquarius is one of three air signs, along with Libra and Gemini, and as such, is all about the mind. Key words for this sign are intellect, objectivity, detachment, justice, communication, utopia and inter connectedness.

This sign is about using the power of the mind to affect change and understand the mysteries of the universe. Aquarians have a strong need to learn and to understand, gaining in wisdom and knowledge. There is a streak of rebellion in this sign, and the non conformist, an element of the revolutionary. Aquarians are not concerned with the one, but more with the whole. It is an optimistic sign, but also emotionally distant and somewhat detached.

Aquarius has two rulers - Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the teacher and the tester, who turns thoughts and ideals into something concrete and tangible, bringing everything down to earth. He eliminates hypocrisy, and forces us to take responsibility, to become our own father (he represents the inner father). It will come as no surprise to learn that my own Saturn has been very vociferous of late. So too has my Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of intuition and ideals. He represents inspiration, creativity and inter connectedness, the need to understand the whole, to see the bigger picture, where we are going and why. He is the truth seeker, who gets to the bottom of things, leaving no stone unturned. In the Tarot he represents the fool, who steps into the abyss or the unknown, and is willing to take risks, a bit like Indiana Jones stepping off the invisible brigde. I suppose that at the moment, that is what I am doing.

There are some very important astrological line ups at the moment, with about eight or nine planets and asteroids conjunct - namely Mercury (communication) in Capricorn conjunct Mars (energy and drive), conjunct Jupiter (growth and expansion), conjunct Juno (dynamics in relationships), all in Aquarius. We also have Chiron (the wounded healer) conjunct Neptune (mysticism and spirituality), conjunct The Sun (our core self), also in Aquarius. Add to this mix the fact that The Moon moves into Libra on 12th February (in Sun Sign astrology, Libra is the seventh house), according to the musical Hair, we are about the enter the real Age of Aquarius.

"When The Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars"

I have not seen the musical (although I was tempted to when Jacqueline mentioned that it features naked men!), so cannot comment either way, but these planets, combined with yesterdays Lunar Eclipse, make an interesting combination, which is highly relevant to my own life. The line up will peak this week, although its strength will be felt throughout the month of February, moving away towards the beginning of March.

After we had finished discussing all of this, we did the usual meditation with the planets in our own individual charts - in my case I have three asteroids in Aquarius - Pallas Athene (creative intelligence and defender of the weak), Juno (dynamics in relationships - with others and self), and Lilith (primal feminine, repressed issues and emotions, especially anger - there has been a lot of that of late). The message I got from these three is that Lundy is the ideal place to deal with these issues, but not to worry about may or may not be, with regard to actually living there; to take one step at a time, and trust that things will pan out.

This was an important message for me, since I have been putting off contacting the island and asking questions about volunteering. When I got home later on, following a trip into town to visit some agencies and run a few errands, I was therefore pleased to find an email waiting for me from the Island Warden with further details for volunteers and an application form.

The conditions for volunteers are basic to say the least - they are housed in caravans with no heating and no running water - you have to go to the nearby campsite for toilets, showers and presumably washing up as well. The caravans are equipped with fridges and gas cookers, so at least I will be able to cook - I can't afford to eat at the Tavern every night, and even if I could, as a wheat free vegetarian, the choice would be extremely limited. Working hours are normally five days a week, 8.30 to 4.30, depending on the season, and what work you are willing to do. In my case I have opted for domestic work - in the Tavern and shop and cleaning properties.

It is a scary thing for me, since I know that once I have done this there is no going back - the dynamics of being on the island will never be the same again. But, as a member of one of the several Internet forums that I frequent commented, I have to do this, no matter that the cost (and it will be considerable), as otherwise I will never know whether it is right for me or not.

I have then taken the bull by the horns and sent the form back, so all that remains is to wait and see what happens. I have stated that I wish to go on March 2nd, a week before my holiday starts on 9th, as prior commitments (namely the village newsletter), prevent me from staying a week afterwards instead. Hopefully I will get confirmation back today, or in the next day or so. Once I have that, I can book the helicopter and a hotel for the night before, and start to plan what I need to bring with me (a sleeping bag and a fan heater by the sound of it).

Hopefully there will also be news regarding Friday's meeting in the next day or so, then I can finally begin to sort my life out, and move on. If it doesn't go in my favour (banish that thought), then it will be very difficult for me to leave the mainland at all.

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