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Friday, 20 March 2009

Whatever happens ...

Tuesday March 10th

A lot has happened in 24 hours - not least of all the end of my weeks volunteering. I shifted rapidly from worker to holiday mode in the space it took me to take off my Lundy sweatshirt. Of course I then realised that I had no pictures of me in Lundy attire to remind me of the last week, in case I do not get the job. One cannot after all assume anything, and from what I understand they are getting quite concerned about the lack of decisions re staff, as several are due to leave in the next couple of weeks. From what I understand there are 2 jobs available that may be of interest to me - one will be as full time housekeeper and the other combining both Tavern and housekeeping. This is what I would prefer, as it combines the best of both worlds - the solitude and the ability to lose yourself in more mundane tasks, with the stimulation and more hands on approach of working in the Tavern, which will bring me into contact with visitors and islanders alike. The fact that I may be working in the Tavern does not mean that I have to eat there while on duty, as breaks can be taken at home. As for the toast breaks, well this week I brought wheat free bread with me, but most of the time I shall just have to call mine rice cake breaks instead. I can also leave a stash of roobosch tea bags pugged away in the store room, for my own use.

So, this morning I saw the island manager and have arranged to have a proper sit down interview this Saturday coming at 9.30am. I was a bit disappointed that it could not be done sooner (he is busy all week doing work on the jetty), but at least it gives me a little more time to mull things over and think about what I will say. I was quite emotional to relay the news to my partner back on the mainland, as now it really is a possibility, and I know that I am definitely being considered. It makes me wonder whether it would have been a different story had I not volunteered for this week - but it matters not, for what is meant to be will be, and although I will be naturally upset if I am not granted this opportunity, I know that I will have had this week to see how things really work, and will be grateful for the opportunity to learn and experience this. Nothing will mar the Lundy experience for me, and whatever happens, I will be back.

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