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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Dark side of the Moon

Yesterday, with no further news, the fears and insecurities returned with a vengeance, playing havoc with my mind, so much so that I did not feel I wanted to be alone in the house at all. When my partner suggested I accompany him on a visit to one of his clients, a lady who is particularly spiritually sensitive, it seemed like a good thing to do, and I am glad that I did.

When we arrived at her house, my partner assisted her with her computer problems while I sat and browsed through some of her books. My eyes were immediately drawn to a book by Demetra George entitled Mysteries of the Dark Moon. This seemed highly appropriate given my state of mind, and the fact that we are in this particular lunar phase right now.

The dark phase of the moon is the 2-3 days immediately prior to the new phase in the moon's cycle, when the moon disappears from view. The moon, with her phases of waxing and waning became a symbol for the ancients of death, birth and re-birth. The lunar rhythm represents this cycle in our own lives, from the new growth and opportunities of the new moon, ripe with potential, to the culmination of the cycle at the full moon where we reap what we have sown. The moon represents these cycles on both the physical and emotional levels, and also the changes in the seasons throughout the year. It could be argued that nature is in its own dark moon phase, as we wait for the clocks to change this Sunday when the light returns.

Unfortunately in our society, we have learnt to fear and draw away from that which is dark or hidden, since it represents the darker and more hidden depths of our soul, all those aspects of ourselves that we rather not look at, much less admit to. In so doing, we have lost an essential part of that cyclical process and the opportunity to learn much about ourselves.

The purpose of the dark phase of the moon, those 2-3 days each month immediately before the new moon appears is the transition between the old and the new, or death and re-birth. It is a time for reflection, for drawing inwards, for dreaming of the future, an essential part of the process of life.

The dark prefaces the light in the same way that gestation prefaces birth and sleep prefaces wakefulness. As human beings we often experience periods when nothing seems to be happening, when we are between states, but after the event, sometimes many months after, we look back and see that this was a time for resting and preparation for the next phase in our lives. We cannot move forwards with the new until we have let go of the old. The dark moon enables to do this, by providing a safe space in which to rest.

That then is the space that I am in right now, of resting and waiting, the space between spaces where nothing is real, but the feelings have never felt so real. It is a time for reflection, for dreaming of the future, and letting go of the old.

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